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Dr. Kelly Jennings

Dr. Kelly G Jennings
Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncturist


My goal is to give you exceptional care so that you can feel your best every day. Many of my patients are frustrated with the current healthcare system and not receiving the help or the time they need to feel better. Many are chronically tired or depressed.  Some patients want to know what to eat to feel good. Others seek alternatives to the medicines they are taking or feel well now but want to practice prevention to stay well.

As a primary care physician and integrative health practitioner, I speak the language of both conventional and holistic medicine.  I will help you regain your strength and vitality and together we will find out the root cause of your illness.  I build bridges with others on your medical team – so we are all on the same page with you.  There are many roads to wellness and my job is to find what works for you to create long term sustainable solutions.


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What We Do

Complementary Cancer Care

Not only can herbs, supplements and the right foods help you better tolerate your conventional cancer treatments,...

Weight Loss and Nutrition

Who isn’t confused about diet and nutrition these days? Raw, Vegan, Mediterranean, Paleo, HCG – you name it...

Women’s Health and Hormonal Balancing

Hormones influence just about every aspect of well-being in the body. Imbalances in any hormone can leave you...

AutoImmune Conditions and Chronic Lyme Disease

It is a fact that a doctor gets good at what comes through the door. During my eight years of practice in...

Optimal Wellness and Anti-Aging Programs

Even if you’re feeling good, I bet we can get you feeling great. Come in and see how we can optimize your...

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  • Dr. Jennings is a skilled doctor of Chinese Medicine and has the singular talent of pulse diagnosis. She is so knowledgeable about herbal remedies and medications and has created a treatment plan for me that is both comprehensive and manageable for my healing journey. My time with her is focused, full of enlightening moments and compassion. I have found my doctor, finally!

    SW, 41 years old, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  • Dr. Jennings is kind, calm, and extremely knowledgeable. I have never had a more detailed summary of me after having a pulse reading – and her choices of supplements are bang on. I have been around the bend with healers of all methodologies and I am so grateful to have found one firmly rooted in practical holistic wellness.

    CB, 42 years old, history of cancer, Lyme disease
  • Dr. Jennings is knowledgable and compassionate in her approach to healing. She also brings a strong spiritual and ethical base to her practice that brings a much deeper level of healing. Her expertise on Cancer care and healing is outstanding. She combines her knowledge of alternative healing methods with traditional medical expertise, along with the use of herbs and acupuncture.

    MO, 57 years old, breast cancer
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